Osceola County Reverse Career Fair


Yesterday Movement Solar had the honor of sharing what we do and why we do it with the next generation of young adults. As part of the Osceola High School Reverse Career Fair, we spent an hour being interviewed by 120 students ages twelve to thirteen years old. It was amazing to see how interested they were in entrepreneurship and renewable energy. It was equally humbling to share our journey of becoming business owners, and hopefully we inspired at least one student to dream just a little bigger. That’s why we started Movement Solar, and that’s why we work so hard to be the most impactful company possible. It is our responsibility to make our industry important to future generations and we want to inspire everyone to do more with the opportunities they have . A huge thank you goes to Osceola County Public Schools and to the Maddock family for not only being a client, but for helping us pay it forward to the students we met up with yesterday. It’s an honor to have been a small part of such a great day.

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